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First you must know that many of the women on our site do not have home computers and do not speak languages other than Ukrainian or Russian.  Therefore, we must receive your letters and personally and professionally translate, print, and deliver each of them for our women clients. We do not use an electronic translating program because these programs do not provide completely accurate and meaningful translations of what you or our female clients are trying to say. So we have a staff to translate each letter using their advanced knowledge of foreign languages. This way you can be sure that your thoughts are translated correctly and there is no misunderstanding. You should also know that sometimes our clients live a little way outside of the central city and so we have to use public transportation to hand-deliver a letter to a client.


Translation and Delivery of one incoming (YOUR) letter - 2.5 USD

Translation and Electronic Delivery of one of our client’s (HER) letters  -  2.5 USD

E-Mailing of a woman’s photo to you  -  5 USD

Sending you a woman’s e-mail address  -  10 USD

Sending you the direct home address of a woman  -  6 USD

Sending you the telephone number of a woman  -  6 USD



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