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Welcome to the International Dating Agency “Edem”



 Edem Agency wants to make it easy and inexpensive for any man, anywhere to become a member of our on-line site. Our memberships are devised to allow for the maximum flexibility for men to spend only a little money on contacting a particular woman (or several) or a little more money for more complete or convenient access to information, such as the woman’s  home address and telephone number.

The first, easy step you need to take to become a MEMBER is to fill out the very simple form you can access by clicking on this electronic address:

It only takes a few minutes to answer some very basic questions. We do not have long, so-called scientific dating questionnaires.  Then you can download two photos of yourself and send them to our agency.

STRANDARD MEMBERSHIP is FREE. It is the most basic but can provide you with all the services you might want. Your profile and photos are posted for our female clients to see. If you want to correspond with them and use our services, then please look below and see a short list of SERVICES and the cost of each service.  You may pay for each service you request.  In other words, you pay only by the service.  For example, you can send a letter and receive a response letter for a total charge of 5 USD.

SILVER MEMBERSHIP: This is a monthly package for our services.
12 months - $16.50 a month (billed in one payment of $204)

6 months - $25 a month ( billed in one payment of $150)

3 months - $35.00 a month ( billed in one payment of $105 )

1 month - $50 a month

Your SILVER membership includes:
10 CONTACTS (choose up to 10 women, send and receive as many mails as you want at no extra cost)
Additional PHOTOS of ladies
Exchange direct contact details (email and home addresses, phone numbers, Skype etc)
No recurring billing

GOLD MEMBERSHIP:  This service costs an initial fee of $50 USD      

A Gold Membership is usually paid for by credit card. This fee of 50 USD is like a down-payment from which our agency subtracts service costs and sends you a statement at the end of the month.  We total the number of services you have used and subtract that amount from the 50 USD fee you paid. There is no time limit on this GOLD membership, and we DO NOT automatically renew any membership. Like the standard membership you are paying for individual, personal services, but you have an account of 50 USD to start with. Many people find this a more convenient way to join the EDEM Agency.


 PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP:  This is our most advanced and effective membership. The fee is 100 USD.

It works the same way that the GOLD membership works, but in addition you are provided the home addresses of our female clients and their telephone numbers. (You do have a service charge for receiving their e-mail addresses). So you have an account of 100 USD from which we subtract each individual service charge and send you an account statement at the end of the month. However, you are not charged any fees for the home address and telephone numbers of our female clients.



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