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 At the Edem Agency in Vinnitsa (from the Latin for Vineyards) Ukraine we understand that many people in the world today are lonely and seek to find a true and lasting love. The internet has allowed people around the world to communicate almost instantly with others who might be good candidates for that close, personal and long-term relationship that people desire.  We know that profiles, photos, and letters are an effective and very traditional, time-honored way that people have communicated with each other, even at long distances. But modern internet dating has made this process so much easier and more reliable--as long as an agency like Edem is providing the kind of personal, certified and honest service we have devised here at Edem Agency in Vinnitsa.

 We pride ourselves at Edem in being a dating and marriage agency that offers a wide variety of services through more local, supervised, and dependable channels. We know each and every one of the 300 women we feature in our gallery. If you have experienced those super-sites with 20,000 or more women available, you know that there is no assurance that anyone knows these woman, that anyone can prevent the scams that plague the interested correspondents, that the photographs are all professionally posed, and that frequently people are employed to write fictional and formulaic letters to unsuspecting men in foreign countries. The Edem Agency does NOT engage in any of these deceptive practices. We are straight-up, honest business people making matches with local women to whom we have spoken and have certified as eligible and serious partners.

You can be sure if you present us with your male profile we will post it, and real women, women we know, will inspect your profile and photos. You will be able to contact these legitimate and real women who seek your company and perhaps a loving, life-long relationship.  Because we are a small, local agency we can guarantee personal and immediate service. You will not be disappointed by scams or misleading photos and information.  At Edem we want to give internet dating and marriage a completely honest representation.

We ask you to take this opportunity to look at the women who live in this city of 370,000 people, located about 229 miles (360 Km) from L’viv (Lvov) to the west and 160 miles (260 Km) from Kiev in the east. By car or train one can reach Vinnitsa in 3 to 4 hours from Kiev.  Vinnitsa is a beautiful and typical Ukrainian city with many gorgeous architectural sites and restaurants, clubs, parks and artistic traditions. We recommend that you Google Vinnitsa and read about our history and many attractions.  People from around the world come here to admire the old world charm of Vinnitsa and, of course, the beautiful women who have lived here for so many centuries.

The Edem Agency will do everything possible to help you to meet your special friend here and enjoy this part of Ukraine. We can help you make this possible, as you will read below in the description of our various services.

Don't allow yourself to be lonely and unhappy anymore. Seize this moment and submit a male profile and see if our beautiful woman will respond to begin the great CHANGE that will happen though meeting the love of your life here in Ukraine. You know the legendary beauty and charm of our women.

Take a look now at the Gallery of attractive women waiting to see your profile and contact you.

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